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jumpfit at Rejuvenation Center
jumpfit at Rejuvenation Center
jumnfit at rejuvenation center
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jumnfit at rejuvenation center

Spring out of your workout rut and into a class that
makes getting fit fun & exciting. JumpFit™ classes are
a low-impact rebound exercise. Rebounding exercise
reduces body fat, firms your legs, thighs, abdomen
& hips; increases your agility and strengthens your
muscles—also great for lymphatic drainage ridding
the body of excess toxins.

Burn more calories in half the time!

Anyone wanting to lose weight has considered
jogging/running to obtain quick results. But many
have experienced the traumas associated with
running—shin splints, sprains, knee & hip injuries.
Kangoo jump boots protect and reinforce ankles,
shins, knees, hips, lower back and spine as they are
designed to reduce impact up to 80%.

jumnfit at rejuvenation center

Protects the joints from chronic fatigue brought on by pounding on hard surfaces.

Increases core strength and improves posture.

Improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned after exercise.

Boosts the immune system as it stimulates the lymphatic system.

An effective way to increase overall metabolic rate, resulting in improved muscle tone,
weight loss, and increased stamina.

Strengthens the heart and muscles in the body so they work more efficiently.

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Experience the most exhilarating, intense & dynamic work out to ever hit the fitness
industry. Increase your core strength, develop upper & lower body power, all while having
fun and burning more calories (500-800 a class).

Classes are designed for all fitness levels. Each participant works at their own pace & builds
from that point on.

Parents... bring your kids to jump too with family JumpFit™ classes. Kids ages 10 & up are
welcome to join in the JumpFit™ fun and set a great example for our children while getting fit!!

A fun way to get healthy, exercise the heart, save our joints & lose weight too — Have Fun
Getting Fit!!

All of our instructors have multiple certifications to teach exercise.

Because we provide Kangoo Jump Boots with sanitary liners, class sign-up will be necessary in order to reserve your size/boots.


Boot sizes - Women:

- size 4-6 1/2,   Medium - size 7-9 1/2,   Large - size 10-12,   Extra Large - size 13-15








jumnfit at rejuvenation center

jumnfit at rejuvenation center

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jumnfit at rejuvenation center

Rochelle St Myers
Tom Pentino
Pam Marody
Susan Vasey
Carrie Byrum
Jana Shubat
jumnfit at rejuvenation center   jumnfit at rejuvenation center   jumnfit at rejuvenation center
As a courtesy to other Jumpers and our Instructors, you must cancel a class 12 hours before the scheduled class in order to not lose the class credit. If you haven't cancelled within 12 hours of your class, you forfeit one class credit. If you are running late, call us to let us know so we can plan for your late arrival accordingly so to not interrupt an on-going class. If a class is full, join the Waitlist! We will add Jumpers on a first come first served basis as boots become available. If you're on our waitlist and cannot attend class, remove yourself to avoid a class penalty.
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