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skin care tips

Here are the top 10 ways you can enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

1. Start from Within

Embrace an inside-out approach by combining a balanced, healthy diet and supplements with your skincare regimen--500-1,000 mg supplements of purified fish oil will keep your skin hydrated and naturally moisturized, and they can also help minimize symptoms of eczema. The importance of fish oil is widely touted for cardiac health, preventing cancer, improving memory, and keeping our immune systems in check. When your insides are healthy, your skin looks its best. Eat a Mediterranean diet full of fish, fruit, vegetables, olive oil and green tea as this diet will provide the skin with the good omega fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to maintain a healthy glow and reverse sun damage.

2. Slough Away Debris and Dead Cells

Pollutants aren't just grimy, they can clog pores and prevent new, younger cells from shining through. Maintain your skins luster with a good, daily cleaning using the Clarisonic Skincare cleaning system that cleans six times better than hands/wash clothes.

3. Yearn for Youthful Eyes

Pay special attention to the under-eye area. This uniquely contoured, sometimes translucent skin often fails to conceal underlying blood vessels, thus causing dark shadows. As the thinnest skin on the body, the eyelids tend to be very sensitive. I recommend Vi Derm Revitalizing Eye Cream for reducing the puffy eye look and lightening dark circles — as well as 100% pure hyaluronic acid serum that provides the tender skin with structure and collagen and functions as an antioxidant.

4. Get an A+ for Antioxidants

Antioxidants have proven to be extremely important as an aging preventative in a skin-care arsenal. I recommend looking for products that have a complex of antioxidants, such as green tea, vitamin C, and CoQ10.

5. Slough It Off: Physical Exfoliants

Exfoliation is key in order to remove the dead, complexion-dulling skin cells that accumulate on top of your skin. When you exfoliate, you're revealing fresh cells underneath, evening out the skin's surface, and giving it a healthy glow. Including a monthly microdermabrasion treatment in your routine will help you achieve that healthy glow. If hyperpigmentation is troubling you, the ViPeel treatment performed every 6 months, will help keep the brown spots down.

6. Cover All Your Bases

Say ‘Hallelujah’ to Hyaluronic Acid—your skin needs its daily dose of hyaluronic acid to help balance your skin and bring it to a normal pH level which is optimal for all healthy skin functions. Follow an ideal skin-care routine that includes a cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum, antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E), and finally finish with a moisturizer at night. NEVER go to sleep with your make up on and always cleanse and treat before bed. Apply a thick night cream to help boost your skin’s regeneration at night.

7. Stay Hydrated!

Make sure you drink plenty of water. As an alternative, try coconut water — it's a huge trend in Hollywood right now and helps to naturally keep you hydrated. Dehydration causes inflammation and aging. Stay away from energy drinks and soda.

8. Get Fit to Save Face

Exercising regularly will retain your skin's elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Plus it'll keep off unwanted pounds!

9. Kick the Habit

"Avoid smoking” – the difference in texture, wrinkles, and pigmentation is enormous between smokers and nonsmokers. For every 10 years you smoke, your face ages 14 years.

10. Step Up Your SPF

Ninety percent of premature aging is due to sun exposure, so adequate year-round protection is an absolute must! Never go out without SPF 30 on your face, neck, ears, chest, and hands. This will help keep dark spots and premature skin aging under control. If you're driving a long distance, keep applying SPF 30 on your hands, face, and neck. And don't forget that glass doesn't filter UV rays, even in your home or office! Also, stay away from tanning beds—even being at the beach without sunscreen is better than a tanning bed, so avoid at all costs.

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