The coveted hourglass figure was made famous by vintage beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe and is still echoed today in contemporary vixens like Scarlett  Johansson. Rooted in classical iconography as far back as Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” the hourglass is often held up as the ultimate feminine ideal. While only about eight percent of women can boast this body shape naturally, modern advances in cosmetic surgery such as PowerLipo™ can help bring out your inner hourglass in three specific ways.


  1. Slimming the Waistline
    With ample enough curves through bust and hips, some expertly targeted liposuction can help slim your waistline to better accentuate the rest of your figure. PowerLipo™ allows surgeons to eliminate belly fat, creating a trimmer midsection with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.
  2. Smoother Curves
    Smoothing your figure with the help of lipo requires advanced surgical skills and technology for the best results. Since the power-assisted cannula decreases the amount of physical force needed by your surgeon, he or she has more energy to focus on sculpting your body using a more precise and gentle approach. This makes PowerLipo™ the perfect method for delicately shaping the contours of the waist to create a sexy, voluptuous silhouette.
  3. Framing Your Figure
    Just a few isolated areas can be responsible for detracting from your overall look. As an example, excess fat on the inner or outer thighs may interrupt the smooth transition of legs to hips, even though you’re at a healthy weight. PowerLipo™ can give you better defined lines, as well as eliminate trouble spots like “bra bulge” or love handles that keep you from feeling as sexy and self-confident as you deserve.