1. Fun Fitness Classes You NEED to Try

    We all know that exercise is essential for maintaining our health and wellness, and for some, exercise is enjoyable and is a natural part of their daily routine. However, for the other part of the population, exercise is a chore, and not something they particularly enjoy. At Rejuvenation Center, we want to help our clients love the way they look and feel, which is why we offer fitness classes! In …Read More

  2. Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting®

    CoolSculpting® is an innovative cosmetic procedure that eliminates stubborn fat. Instead of giving up on losing that extra five pounds or turning to more invasive weight-loss options, CoolSculpting can help give you the lean, contoured body that you have always wanted. In part one of this multi-part series, we discussed a few things that you should know about this unique procedure. In part two, w…Read More

  3. Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting®: Part One

    If you work hard day after day to lose weight by eating right and exercising, nothing can be more frustrating than stubborn fat that won’t go away. At that point, some may choose to accept the fact that they won’t lose those five pounds. Others may seek surgical alternatives to help them get the sculpted body that they desire. At the Rejuvenation Center, we offer CoolSculpting®, which is a no…Read More

  4. Five Benefits of CoolSculpting®

    With summer in full swing, many people are doing their best to get in shape so that they can show off their sculpted body at the pool or at the beach. For most people, dieting and exercising will help to burn fat and give you the appearance that you desire. However, in some cases, you may have stubborn fat around your midsection, arms, or under your chin that refuses to diminish with natural weigh…Read More

  5. Common Questions About CoolSculpting

    When you’re trying to lose weight, most people will say that diet and exercise is the best practice. However, dieting and exercising can only go so far, especially if you’re trying to lose those last five pounds around your middle and they won’t budge. If your hard work isn’t providing you with the results that you desired, you may start to feel defeated or even look into surgical options …Read More

  6. Benefits Of A Slimmer Neckline

    A smooth, slender neck is one of the hallmarks of youthfulness. However, since the skin and tissue of the neck is some of the most delicate on the body, this is often one of the first areas to show your age. Fatty deposits in the neck can make you look heavier than you really are, and also prematurely age your appearance. Although lipo can’t get rid of excess skin, it can remove the localized fa…Read More

  7. How Liposuction Can Help You Look Younger

    Most patients associate liposuction with looking thinner or more fit, but you may be surprised to learn that it can also help you look younger. As we age, skin   elasticity and muscle tone decrease, and many people develop pockets of excess fat in the face, neck, and chin. These fatty deposits create a droopy, drained look that can add years to your reflection. Cosmetic surgery procedures are inc…Read More

  8. Enhancing Your Hourglass Figure with Powerlipo™

    The coveted hourglass figure was made famous by vintage beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe and is still echoed today in contemporary vixens like Scarlett  Johansson. Rooted in classical iconography as far back as Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” the hourglass is often held up as the ultimate feminine ideal. While only about eight percent of women can boast this body shape naturally, modern advan…Read More

  9. 4 Reasons You Need an Experienced Liposuction Surgeon

    There’s no shortage of doctors and med spas offering liposuction services that claim they’ll give you the smooth and sexy silhouette you’ve always wanted. It is important to do your research and choose a skilled and experienced surgeon to ensure you’ll be truly satisfied with your new look. Superior Results At your first consultation appointment, a good surgeon will help you determine if y…Read More