Join Our Certified Yoga Instructors for an enlightening mind-body experience.  We currently offer four different classes for different fitness levels and preferences.  Coming soon we will be offering an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, Bungee Yoga class that you’ll love love!

Yoga Flow

This multi-level class is geared for yoga students from the beginner to the advanced.  Students will be guided through a practice of meditation, breathing and postures that can help increase strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation.  Modifications are provided to enhance or better enable the student to access the benefits of the postures.

Hot Yoga

This class is performed in a studio heated above 90 degrees.  The increased heat allows the muscles to warm up quickly and stretch deeper into the postures.  Postures are held for longer periods of time and move at a slower pace than a flow class. Breathwork is also involved.  It is recommended that the student have some yoga experience prior to attending a hot yoga class.  A water bottle and towel are also recommended.

Yoga Basics

Great class for beginners or anyone wanting a slower paced class that focuses attention on body alignment in the postures.  This class utilizes straps and blocks to provide the student with opportunities to better position themselves in the postures.

Sunrise Yoga

Greet the morning with a series of sun salutations and other invigorating postures to get your blood moving and your body awake.  This class includes breath work and guided meditation to clear your mind and prepare you for the rest of the day.


Drop-In Class – $15 3 Class Pass – $40 5 Class Pass – $60 10 Class Pass – $100 20 Class Pass – $195


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As a courtesy to other Clients and our Instructors, we ask that you cancel a class 12 hours before the scheduled class. If you miss more than 2 classes without advance cancellation, you will begin to forfiet class credit.

Late Arrival

If you are running late, call us to let us know so we can plan for your late arrival accordingly so to not interrupt an on-going class.


If a class is full, join the Waitlist! We will add clients on a first come first served basis as boots become available. If you’re on our waitlist and cannot attend class, remove yourself to avoid a class penalty.